The “Chic” $10 Aldi Organizing Gem That Shoppers Are Clearing Off the Shelves

published Jan 27, 2024
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Simple storage solutions never go out of style, and German discount superstore Aldi has proven this time and time again with its rotating selection of (very!) affordable organizers. (The highly coveted turntable organizer and bamboo drawer organizers are staples for us here at The Kitchn.) Among the store’s newest releases is another incredible storage find you’ll want to run to your local Aldi for: the Crofton flour, sugar, and coffee stoneware canisters that are an absolute steal at only $9.99 each. 

Credit: Emma Kumagawa

Made of stoneware and topped with flat wooden lids, they meet clutter-free kitchen requirements — you can shelve, stack, or cluster them — while maintaining a minimalist-chic aesthetic. Offered at three different capacities, they’re the perfect size for your pantry staples or coffee bar, whether you want to store them in your cabinet or keep them on your countertop as functional decor. I’m personally a big fan of the subtle serif font, a refreshing shift from the large, Rae Dunn-esque labels often found on modern kitchenware. The cherry on top? The coffee canister comes with a small attachable wooden scoop spoon on its side — because it’s the little things!

The Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook group has been buzzing with excitement over these surprise storage scores, with many shoppers comparing them to the wildly popular (and often out-of-stock) Hearth & Hand with Magnolia canisters, which range from $17 to $20 each at Target. (Shoppers say they’re “identical.”) The same Chip and Joanna Gaines-designed containers are also available on Amazon, with the coffee canister currently priced at $44 and the sugar and flour bundle set at $109. Talk about an Aldi score!

But if you’re hoping for the Aldi version, you’ll want to act fast. Shoppers are noting that the Crofton containers are out-of-stock at many of their stores, as the early birds have already cleared the shelves. Whether you opt for one Crofton canister or all three, rest assured you’ll be taking home high-quality products backed by Aldi superfans that won’t break the bank. And if you decide to use a canister to hold other ingredients (or utensils, craft supplies, or trinkets) in the future, you can easily turn the type around or stick another label on top.

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Of course, if your local Aldi is out of the Crofton flour, sugar, and coffee canisters, you could always order the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia canisters. Or, you could go for this four-set of similar flour, sugar, coffee, and tea canisters from Amazon on sale for only $34.31 that’ll ship directly to your door. If you’re set on the look, just know you have plenty of options!

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