The Fan-Favorite 12-Piece Kitchen Storage Set At Aldi Is Back for Just $15 — But Won’t Last Long!

published Feb 25, 2024
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Having good food storage containers for meal prep is critical for keeping your meals fresh and protecting them from outside grime. Not to mention, containers that are easily stackable will keep your fridge as organized and clutter-free as possible. So, if you need any justification to adding some more vessels to your collection, hopefully this does the trick.

Fortunately, Aldi is selling Crofton’s 12-Piece Glass Bowl Set with snapping lids that are both sleek in design and durable and functional. Each set includes six bowls of varying sizes with six matching lids. The snapping lids create a seal with airtight silicone gaskets that are leak-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about a mess after throwing these in your bag. Plus, the set even comes with a dry erase marker so you can label your containers.

Spotted in the store by Instagrammer @ohheyaldi, these containers, part of this week’s Aldi Finds drop, are sure to have shoppers running to the store.

Opting for glass containers is a more environmentally-friendly option to their plastic counterparts. They are easier to recycle when the time comes, and they also don’t absorb food odors quite like plastic does. 

According to a Reddit thread, those who have tried the containers love them and admire how well they have held up over time.

“I love mine,” wrote one commenter. “I’ve had them for several years and they’re holding up fine. I do put both the bowls and the lids in the dishwasher, but if you want the lids to keep their shape and last longer you may want to hand wash them. I use the bowls in the microwave but not the lids. I have not tried freezing anything in them. I have even dropped them a few times and they haven’t broken or chipped.”

If you’re already sold, you can pick a set up in red or gray at your local Aldi for $14.99.