Aldi’s Famous $8 Rosé Is Coming Back — And It’s Totally Worth the Hype

updated May 24, 2019
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Credit: Aldi

If you follow along with either Aldi- or rosé-related news, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the discount grocer’s award-winning $7.99 bottle of Côtes de Provence Rosé. It launched in the U.K. back in 2016 and came to the States for a bit in 2017. It came back last year, and the only complaint people seemed to have was that there weren’t enough bottles to go around. Well, this magical rosé will hit U.S. stores again on May 8, and company execs tell us there will be more bottles than ever before. (And there are no restrictions on how many you can buy!)

But what’s so great about this rosé? Aside from its $8 price tag and its super-sexy bottle? I’ve been able to get my hands on this stuff three years in a row now, so allow me to say a few words!

Credit: Lisa Freedman

According to tasting notes from Aldi, “This wine is mouthwatering and refreshing, layering tart white peach, grapefruit pith, and strawberry — ending in a dry mineral finish.” It IS refreshing! And I actually taste all of those things! As a non-professional (albeit frequent) wine drinker, I often just smile and nod when people tell me that certain wines taste like, oh, I don’t know … lemons, rocks, or socks. (“Oh yes! That taste of gym class!”) But one swig of this stuff, and I really do know what they’re talking about.

During an official rosé taste test with Aldi yesterday, their expert sommelier for the day, Sarah Tracey, paired this wine with Aldi’s Happy Farms Preferred Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese and Savoritz Sea Salt Pita Crackers and she hit it out of the park. The lightness of the snacks worked well with the lightness of the wine, and the herb-y-ness of the cheese really brought out herbal flavors of the wine. Goat cheese doesn’t normally do it for me (when it comes to cheese, I’m in the camp that thinks it should be as stinky and gooey as possible!), but this wine has made me a convert. I’m happy to report that goat cheese, crackers, and this rosé will be my new dinner-for-one plan when my husband travels for work this summer.

Again, a single bottle is just $8 and it’s coming back to Aldi stores on May 8 for a limited time.

Have you tried this Aldi bottle in the past? What’d you think? Discuss in the comments below.