Aldi Is Coming Out with Cheese-Filled Ornaments For Christmas

updated Dec 2, 2019
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Wanna have the cheesiest Christmas tree of all time? Sure ya do! Because we’re not talking a National Lampoon-level Christmas tree — we’re talking about one that’s actually cheesy (as in, decorated with REAL CHEESE). And it will be entirely possible this year because Aldi is coming out with cheese-filled holiday ornaments for $4.99 each.

Hitting stores on December 4, the ornaments are Aldi Finds, which means that they could sell out and not be replenished, so definitely change your plans for the week if you’re hoping to get your hands on some of these. Luckily for us, we got a few early samples and have a full report for you!

First of all, these plastic ornaments are bigger than we thought they’d be. Each one holds four (FOUR!) 80-calorie, mini blocks of cheese. There are two designs: one with a snowflake and one with a “Christmas tree” that’s actually an outline of a wedge of cheese. The cheeses come in the same type of shrink-wrapped packaging used in Aldi’s cheese advent calendars. And there are two different types in each ball: mild cheddar cheese and grass-fed aged cheddar cheese. You get two of each in each ball and although the aged cheese was definitely sharper and the most flavorful, we wouldn’t turn away the mild version.

Look for them in stores: Emporium Selection Holiday Cheese Ornament, $4.99

To open them, you simply peel off a clear sticker at the bottom of the ornament and crack open the two plastic ornament halves. Open them at least semi-carefully and you can reuse them next year (if you don’t have little packs of cheese, you can always fill them with colorful pom-poms, shredded paper, or wrapped candies).

Clearly, you can’t keep cheese on your Christmas tree (unrefrigerated) all season long, but we have some ideas for making these things pretty practical. If you want to put them on your tree, do it RIGHT before your annual holiday party (we’re waiting for our invitation) and then tell guests to help themselves to “tree cheese” as they arrive. Alternatively, we love these as little gifts: Pass them out on their own or loop the string around the neck of a bottle of wine to give a festive wine and cheese pairing. Whatever you decide to do, Christmas is about to get super cheesy.

Will you be looking for these this week? If so, what will you do with them?