This Is the Cheapest Place I've Found to Buy LaCroix — And It Totally Surprised Me

This Is the Cheapest Place I've Found to Buy LaCroix — And It Totally Surprised Me

Lisa Freedman
Apr 13, 2018
(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

The Kitchn headquarters are stocked full of LaCroix in various flavors at all times. (We're currently voting between Coconut and Tangerine. In case you're curious, Tangerine is almost as good a Pamplemousse.) And that's a great perk when you're in the office — especially once you get hooked on the stuff.

But I work remotely most of the time. And there are things called weekends. So in order to afford my habit (er, addiction) outside of the office, I've become slightly obsessed with checking the prices of the iconic fizzy water.

I recently found the best deal I've ever seen, and I'm still kind of surprised!

The Price Chopper, CVS, and Big Lots by me all have 12-pack boxes for $4.99, which I was decently satisfied with. But then I saw it ... Aldi has boxes of 15 cans (that's three more than the other boxes!) for just $3.99! And it's not just a fluke — I've seen this deal on offer there a few times now.

(Image credit: Aldi)

Why was I so surprised? For starters, that's a legit good deal. Do the math and it works out to around 26 cents per can, which is the cheapest I've been able to find it anywhere (even compared to online prices).

(Image credit: Aldi)

Secondly, while Aldi does carry some name brands, the store is also big on its own private labels. So the first time I noticed LaCroix, I wasn't actually expecting to see it. And Aldi actually has its own version of LaCroix called Belle Vie under the PurAqua label. It's $2.99 for 12 cans.

One thing worth pointing out is that Aldi doesn't have a ton of flavors at any given time (usually around three different ones), and they're not always the same. So as long as you're not too picky and willing to try new flavors, then Aldi is definitely a viable LaCroix supplier for your flavored fizzy water habit.

On a related note: I want to try the Belle Vie stuff on my next visit. Have you had it before? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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