The 3-Ingredient Recipe That Aldi Fans Are Currently Obsessed With

updated Jan 29, 2020
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Credit: Courtesy of Amanda Bruce

There’s no denying it — Aldi fans happen to be pretty ingenious when it comes to spotting super smart, affordable, and trendy items from their favorite grocery store. In fact, Aldi fans are so dedicated to the grocery store, there’s even a Facebook group, Community, which has almost 800,000 people. A quick glance at the group will show any Aldi-curious shopper what they should be buying and trying out right now.

The latest obsession in the Facebook group? There’s apparently a new 3-ingredient snack that everyone seems to be obsessed with — it’s super easy to make, buy, and prepare at home, and it’s also low in carbs. (So it’s keto-approved, too!) Dozens of people have posted about this simple variation of ants on a log. You use celery sticks for the base, but instead of peanut butter, customers use cream cheese spread, and instead of raisins, people are using the ultra-popular “Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning.” (For people not in the know, this is everything bagel seasoning). It sounds like the perfect crunchy-salty-creamy afternoon snack.

One user suggested that you can also try this snack with mini peppers instead of the celery, which is an interesting swap. Of course you can probably do it with any veggies — think of spreading the cream cheese and seasoning on cucumber slices, carrot sticks, on tomato slices, and more. Have some fun and make a whole veggie crudité spread! Another person said they enjoyed this combination on rice cakes (which sounds pretty delicious, too).

And since it is low in carbs, it is super keto-friendly — there’s even higher fat from the cream cheese to better balance out macronutrient ratios for the diet! I know what I am trying out for a snack later today. Who is with me, huh?