5 Nutritionist-Approved Breakfast Foods to Buy at Aldi

updated May 24, 2019
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If you’re looking to save a little money and eat well this year, there are no shortage of stores to choose from these days. But if you really want to save some money, it’s time to hit up Google and find the closest Aldi near you. Aldi isn’t only a great place for savings, though! It’s also where you can hunt down all kinds of unique finds (wacky ’80s-themed cheese, I’m talking to you!), and even healthy foods — especially breakfast.

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Besides your standard apples, bananas, and oranges (which all make great healthy breakfast foods!), here are some top-notch items from Aldi that I recommend people keep on hand for healthy breakfasts all week long, no matter what kind of eater you may be!

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1. For the Oatmeal-Lover: Millville Rolled or Steel-Cut Oats, $1.88 each

Who doesn’t love oatmeal? I know I do! Oatmeal is one of the best foods you can eat for heart health. It’s a good source of fiber, is low in fat, and has no salt or added sugar, so you can add whatever ingredients you like and have a wholesome breakfast at hand any day of the week.

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Aldi has a great selection of wholesome, simple oats under the Millville brand, including rolled old-fashioned oats, quick oats, and, one of my favorites, quick-cook steel-cut oats. Rolled and quick-cook steel-cut oats cook up in just five minutes (or less) on the stovetop or microwave and will keep you full longer than sugary boxes of instant oats will. For less than $1.88 for an entire container, they’re also a good deal too.

Tip: Pair these with some of the delicious fresh fruits from Aldi for some extra fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants — plus a couple of tablespoons of ground flaxseed, which you can also find at Aldi, for a boost of fiber and omega-3s.

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2. For the Cereal-Lover: Simply Nature Shredded Wheat Cereal or Millville Crispy Oats Cereal, from $1.30 for 12 ounces

For all my fellow cereal-lovers out there, Aldi has you covered. Aldi carries a wide range of cereals to choose from, but two that I always recommend are their Simple Nature Shredded Wheat cereal (my favorite!) and their Crispy Oats cereal (just like Cheerios!).

Simply Nature brand is Aldi’s all-natural brand (some products are also organic) and that’s exactly what I love about this shredded wheat. The box has no salt, added sugar, or additives of any kind. And it offers 8 grams of fiber — that’s double the fiber in a serving of oatmeal. It’s also naturally low in fat and high in protein, with 7 grams per cup. Oh, and this stuff tastes identical to the name brand of plain Shredded Wheat. I eat mine with fresh or frozen fruit and non-dairy milk or yogurt, but it’s also good with dried fruits!

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If you love Cheerios, try Aldi’s Crispy Oats cereal. It’s less expensive than the name brand and, essentially, the exact same product. With only 1 gram of sugar per serving and a low amount of sodium, this cereal is also free of artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

TIP: Choose a healthy milk from Aldi to pair with these cereals for less than you’d pay elsewhere. I think pretty highly of their unsweetened almond milk and soy milk!

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3. For the Smoothie-Lover: Season’s Choice Wellness Blends or Tropical Blend, $1.98 each

Aldi has a great selection of unique offerings for smoothies — and they’re in the freezer section. I’m pretty fond of these Wellness Blends smoothie packs, which have blueberries, peaches, pears, and pineapple, and are rich in vitamin C and fiber with no added sugar. Just dump half the bag into your blender for one serving (or the entire bag for two) and add your other favorite smoothie ingredients.

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Alternatively, this tropical blend features papaya, mango, pineapple, and strawberries — all of which are excellent for digestion and, together, contain 100 percent of your vitamin C needs per serving.

TIP: Blend these with your favorite yogurt or check out Aldi’s selection of hemp and chia seeds to add protein to your morning smoothie.

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4. For the Savory Breakfast–Lover: Simply Nature Root Veggie Hash Browns, $1.98 per box

Hash brown–lovers, rejoice: You can now have a healthier twist on the classic, thanks to these Simply Nature Root Veggie Hash Browns. They’re are made with carrots, yukon gold potatoes, rutabaga, taro, yuca, celery, potato flakes, beets, sweet potatoes, and more. While these patties, like most hash browns, are a bit high in sodium, you can have three per serving for only 130 calories. (Aldi also carries these in traditional potato hash browns if you’re not into all those veggies listed above.)

Tip: Try serving these up as a special treat on the weekends with some sautéed spinach or kale and red peppers.

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5. For the Breakfast Bar–Lover: Simply Nature Chia Bars $2.89 per box

I’ll be honest: Not all the bars at Aldi (or any store, for that matter) are the best options if you’re looking for something nutritious. So many are high in fat and sugar, so I always suggest reading the label before tossing a box in your cart. But I realize that people are busy and sometimes only have time to grab a bar on the way out the door. And breakfast bars also make great snacks during busy afternoons. For those times, I’m a huge fan of Aldi’s Simply Nature Chia Bars, which come in two different flavors (the cranberry one is my favorite!).

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Not to be confused with the brand’s regular granola bars, these bars each contain only 5 grams of sugar and fat, are low in sodium, and have no refined sugar or trans fats of any kind. Plus, they’re organic, full of fiber, and contain protein and vitamin C. I love that they offer omega-3 rich chia seeds and nutrient-dense dried fruits, too.

Tip: Pair a bar with a piece of fresh fruit if you need breakfast on the go. Or stash some bars in your desk at work for when you need an afternoon snack.

What are your favorite breakfast foods to buy at Aldi?