Aldi Fans Can’t Stop Making These Giant 2-Ingredient Booze Bags

published May 19, 2021
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The creativity of Community Facebook group never ends — the group of almost one and a half million people previously brought us ideas like the 3-ingredient celery bagel snack, the lunch lady produce carver, and meal planning by grocery sorting. Now, reports Today, they have figured out how to turn frozen bags of mixed fruit into giant slurpable, portable wine coolers for summer.

To create your personal, oversized, adultified Capri Sun pouch, you simply pull one of the 32-ounce bags of mixed frozen fruit Aldi sells from the freezer and dump in an entire bottle of Aldi’s Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine — any flavor. Stick a straw in the side like you just finished soccer practice and it’s time for snack, and you’ve got an instant sort-of sangria. 

Traditional sangria involves red wine and chopped fruit, so this version really only changes things slightly, and takes out the work of choosing the wine or chopping the fruit, plus it adds in the nostalgia factor with the straw and pouch. If I were in charge of naming it, we would be toasting with Capri Sungria. 

The member who originally posted the idea mentioned that she got the idea from her usual method of using frozen grapes to cool down drinks without diluting them — the wine going directly into the bag of frozen fruit just cut down on the extra steps. Users on the Facebook group posted their own versions, mixing and matching the type of fruit with the spirit — coconut wine with frozen pineapple, margarita mix with mixed berries, mango wine with tropical fruit. 

The absurd look of the drinks, in their giant pouches, fits in perfectly with the summer where everybody is itching to do just about anything extra. But while some folks are going for the Gatsby-esque over-the-top indulgence, these simple, smile-inducing drinks show that all you need for a good time is two affordable ingredients and one incredibly creative Facebook group.