The Best Things You Should Buy at Aldi, According to Our Readers

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Aldi is one of our favorite grocery stores here at Kitchn. The chain offers food, wine, and other goods at prices that are much, much lower than their counterparts — without sacrificing quality, our editors have found. And our readers love it too!

In fact, there are a few things you guys head to Aldi for again and again. We recently asked readers on Facebook to tell us about their favorite Aldi finds. We heard a few picks multiple times: the take-and-bake pizzas, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, Clancy potato chips and … scallops!

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Get out your shopping lists and keep reading for more ideas. Here are the best things at Aldi, according to our readers.

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In the produce section …

“I love their Avocados, they are fresh, and fresher than all of their competitors in the area.” — Ernie

“The variety bell pepper package. It has one of each color, but the cost is less than half of a single red bell at Publix.” — Deborah

“Toss in a bag of Aldi’s lemons … a bargain!” — Pegi

In the meat section …

“The chicken thigh family pack!” — Hilary

“Fancy pants smoked salmon!” — Adi

“The bags of sweet and smoky chicken chunks. They are very tasty and moist. And you can eat them hot or cold.” — Susan

“The garlic and herb chicken breasts — I can’t find them anywhere else.” — Olivia

Kirkwood Any Time Uncured Turkey Bacon, but it’s only in stores on a limited basis.” — Ellen

Organic, grass fed ground beef, cheaper than anywhere else.” — Laila

“Turkey tenderloin chops, hands down!” — Joi

“The pork sausage rivals Jimmy Dean at 1/4 the price and it’s not fatty.” — Annette

“The Deutsch Kuche products (bratswurst and sauerkraut)!” — Gabriella

In the dairy aisle …

“The store brand cheeses are delicious and super low priced.” — Gina

Smoked gouda cheese sticks!” — Lori

“Their honey goat cheese.” — Christine

“Their organic whole milk plain yogurt is the best! And way more affordable than the other brands.” — Candace

As for baked goods …

“The Fit & Active multigrain bread is a favorite.” — Ellen

“The gluten free products are phenomenal — cornbread mix, garlic biscuit mix, cake mix, tortillas, pretzels, pasta, etc.” — Dale

“Their brioche buns are exceptional!” — Nancy

Pretzel buns!” — Kira

“The naan and brioche bread.” — Linda

“The Great White Organic White Bread is delicious.” — Tad

For your pantry …

“One of my fav items is the Specialty Selected Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce.” — Tee

“My favorite is their Honey Wheat Pretzels, in fact all their snacks are great.” — Gail

“Their organic salad dressings and organic cold-pressed cooking oils!” — Marie

“I just found Pumpkin Chipotle Salsa this week. It sounds awful, but it’s amazing.” — Marcia

“My husband loves the protein powder and protein bars!” — Vanessa

“Their spicy garlic Priano Arrabbiata sauce,” — Wendy

“The peanut butter-filled pretzels with the velcro closure (bag) are genius,” — Leigh

“The ghee and grape seed oils at the best prices.” — Alicia

“I love the exotic vegetable chips and blue corn tortilla chips.” — Jane

Sun-dried tomato pesto — and all the gluten-free products!” — Abby

Carlini extra virgin olive oil!” — Karen

“My new/current fav is the organic black bean dip.” — Katie

“The big container of cashews.” — Betty

Some sweet treats…

Benton’s maple cream cookies.” — Jo Ann

“All the fabulous German and Belgian chocolates. Do not be put off by the fact that you do not recognize the labels. They are European … and because of that most if not all the products are non-GMO!” — Andrea

“The chocolate hazelnut bar is unbelievably creamy and rich.” — Donna

“The gingerbread cookies at Christmastime.” — Alice

“I buy their mint cookies by the ton for my husband.” — Kim

“The marshmallow pinwheel type cookies!” — Christel

“The cannoli mascarpone cheesecake!!!” — Sam

Things to drink …

“I love their orange/mango juice. They don’t have it all the time, so when they do I get a few bottles.” — Pamela

“The sparkling nonalcoholic rosé!” — Jennifer

“Their flavored seltzer helped me leave LaCroix behind.” — Jacqueline

“I love the Friendly Farms original and unsweetened almond milk.” — Christina

“I love the Winking Owl Pinot Grigio.” — Laura

“I only go to Aldi for their fancy cheese and wine! My favorite is Sweet Red Moiselle! — Catherine

“The German and Belgian beer and Spanish wine.” — Nancy

Dancing Flames Red Wine! It is amazing.” — Amanda

“The Winking Owl Merlot.” — Larry

Wicked Grove Apple Crisp Hard Cider!” — Variel

In the freezer section …

“Anything in the Mama Casita line, they have these deep dish frozen pizzas that are better than Pizza Hut.” — Amanda

“They have a frozen rectangular spinach pasta filled with cheese that my family loves.” — Martha

“I’m loving the frozen quinoa. Easy, fast sides so on late nights that save me from unhealthy convenience foods.” — Angela

“The gelato which sells out almost immediately after they stock it.” — Rachel

And finally, prepared foods …

“Love the Chicken Salad!” — Lynne

“They sell a sweet potato casserole around the holidays. It’s the best!” — Tommarra

“The cranberry almond chicken salad.” — Peggy

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