This Is the Best Frozen Burger You Can Buy at Aldi

published Jul 4, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

In my house, summer desperation dinners (and lunches) are burgers. They’re easy to throw on the grill, and if you toss together a salad or just simply throw some pre-cut veggies on the table, it’s an easy meal to make, clean up, and then move on to the next fun thing on the list. If I have the time, I like to make my own patties. But between schlepping the kiddo to summer sports practices, finishing my own work projects, and unpacking (since we moved to a new house), I am NOT up to making my own patties right now, thank you very much.

So the question then becomes, which burger to choose? It’s not an easy decision! On any given day at Aldi, there are at least half a dozen different frozen patties including various poultry options, beefs of differing fat contents and flavor profiles, not to mention an entire selection of veggie burgers. But there’s one that stands out.

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

Cattleman’s Ranch Unseasoned Black Angus Patties, $8.49 for 2 pounds

Although I’m a personal fan of the chicken and vegan options, my son is not so enthused. So, if I’m going to have something on hand that I can quickly grill or he can throw in the broiler himself, I’m getting the Cattleman’s Ranch Black Angus burgers. The whole package of six weighs in at a hefty two pounds — basically 1/3 pound for each burger — and it’s $8.49 for the entire box. 

Credit: Jeanette Hurt

The burgers come in either Unseasoned or Bacon Cheddar, and although the Bacon Cheddar are delicious, the Unseasoned is the one I have on regular rotation. Because they’re unseasoned, they’re perfect if you don’t or can’t consume a lot of salt or if you don’t want a lot of additives. These patties are a one-ingredient product: Black Angus beef, and that’s it. Nothing else. If you’re like me and want a little seasoning (not a lot), simply crack a few rounds of salt and pepper on your patties; I also sprinkle a little onion powder on them. 

The patties themselves start out bigger than my hands, but, after cooking, they shrink down perfectly to bun-size. They are juicy, without being drippy, and are (almost) as good as the burgers I make from scratch but way, way easier. I could barely finish my burger, and my husband also thought one was satiating. The boy, on the other hand, consumed two in one sitting. I might have to make another Aldi run tomorrow. 

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