3 of the Best Dog Treats at Aldi, According to One Very Cute Pup

updated Jan 24, 2020
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If you read my, er Millie’s, official review of Trader Joe’s dog treats, you maybe remember that my dog is a bit of a picky eater. (Yes, that’s her dog food on the floor behind her because she refuses to eat out of a bowl!) For example, she hates carrots and hot dogs, but loves cheese and chicken liver. In my humble opinion, her pickiness — and cuteness! — makes her a qualified judge for picking out the best dog treats at various stores. (If she ate everything all the time, then she wouldn’t really be a fair and balanced judge, now would she?)

Determined to find the best dog treats at Aldi, I went to my local store and bought up one of every option — there were six and I spent less than $18 total.

Once I got home, I laid out one of each treat and then invited Millie into the room to pick out her favorite. Once she ate her first choice, I let her make two more picks. And then, in the name of science, I repeated the experiment a couple more times over the next few days. Each and every time, she picked these snacks in this order.

1. Heart to Tail Dental Sticks, $2.20 for seven

I swear I did not stage this photo (Millie isn’t that well trained!) — I couldn’t take this shot without her putting her snout into the frame. She was that excited about these things! And considering they help to clean her little teeth, I fully support her pick. In case you’re wondering, I also gave her a choice between one of these and a Greenie (which she loves) and she picked the Aldi version! Although I can usually find Greenies on sale, they’re still around a dollar each, but the Aldi version costs around 35 cents each. My only complaint? I wish they came in a bigger (resealable) bag so that I could stock up.

2. Heart to Tail Grillers, $2.29 for 3 ounces

Turns out, Millie loves duck! These treats are made of duck, sweet potato, yellow peas, chickpeas, chicken, and white rice. I recently started giving her half, but she’s no dummy and she knows to come back for the rest of the treat.

3. Heart to Tail Pure Being Grain Free Chewy Dog Treats, $2.99 for 5.5 ounces

Let me go on record saying that I do not love a grain-free treat for my pup. (There have been studies that find a link between a grain-free diet and canine heart disease.) But as long as she’s getting grains from other foods (her kibble on the floor has brown rice!), then I don’t hate a grain-free treat. These are made of beef and cheddar, and they’re training size, which means I can use them to help her learn new behaviors — like not putting her nose in my work photos.

Do you have a pup that loves Aldi treats? Tell us about them in the comments below.