Why This Air Fryer from Walmart is The Appliance You Need for 2021

updated Jan 6, 2021
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(Image credit: Ken Wolter)

A simple search for “air fryer” on Walmart.com results in pages and pages of machines. While there are slightly fewer in the brick-and-mortar stores, Walmart sells a lot of air fryers. What’s the best air fryer at Walmart, though? I considered nearly every single one to come up with my definitive pick: this Farberware Air Fryer, which is made specifically for Walmart.

It’s relatively uncomplicated, works well, and is a great buy! I won’t lie. You don’t get some of the extras and the tippy-top-notch performance you’d get from a much more expensive air fryer, but it’s a way to try your hand at air frying without staring down a huge credit card bill at the end of the month.

Here’s what’s to love about this machine — you know, besides the low $54 price tag. (Before you balk at $54, know that this is pretty inexpensive compared to most other air fryers on the market. And that less expensive machines could be a waste of money when they end up not working well!)

1. It won’t monopolize your kitchen.

It has a three-quart capacity, which is more than big enough for a bag of frozen steak fries or two pounds of chicken wings. However, it also has a smaller footprint than lots of the other air fryers.

2. It’s easy to program.

No touch pads here. Only old-fashioned dials that you already know how to use. And there are no preset programs. You just select the temperature and time that you want to cook at. This makes the machine pretty simple to operate, as there isn’t a whole menu of options to select from or scroll through. Think about your microwave oven: Have you ever used the dinner plate sensor? You just kind of know it takes 1:21 minutes to heat up a plate of leftovers, right?

3. It comes with a cookbook.

In addition to a thorough manual with cooking charts, you get a cookbook with 25 air fryer recipes for everything from crab cakes to zucchini fritters.

4. Cleanup is a cinch.

The basket has a nonstick coating and is dishwasher-safe. And because this fryer isn’t humongous, its parts won’t hog the racks in your machine.

5. It does its job well.

Perhaps most importantly, it does what it’s meant to do, which is crisp up foods using hot air. Everything in my tests consistently came out evenly cooked and decently crispy. Just make sure you give the basket a shake or rearrange items with tongs several times during cooking.

Do you have this air fryer? Or another one from Walmart? Tell us about your machine in the comments below!