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Absolutely Perfect S’mores Are Just One More Reason to Love Your Air Fryer

published Jul 25, 2020
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Credit: Meghan Splawn

S’mores are one of summer’s greatest pleasures. There’s nothing quite like making a delicately toasted marshmallow over a fire and smashing it with melty chocolate and graham crackers. Thankfully, since we can’t build a campfire every time the craving strikes, there are lots of ways to make s’mores inside, like toasting them over the stove or under the broiler.

If you’ve got an air fryer at home, though, you’re in real luck! The best summer s’mores come from air frying the marshmallows on the graham crackers and using the heat of the air fryer to gently melt the chocolate. When I first read about this technique on the blog My Forking Life, I knew I had to try it. Here’s the how and why behind making s’mores in your air fryer this summer.

Get the recipe: Air Fryer S’mores

Credit: Meghan Splawn

How to Make Air Fryer S’Mores

Tanya’s recipe on My Forking Life walks you through all the steps in detail, and she even took the time to test the method in two different air fryers. I tried them in my Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer (not just because it’s my favorite model, but also because it has the potential to make a larger batch of s’mores). Depending on your air fryer, you can make four to eight s’mores at one time.

You’ll start by heating your air fryer to 390°F and gathering up your s’more ingredients. Tanya suggests cutting the marshmallows in half so that you have a sticky side to secure the marshmallow to the graham cracker — a tip I missed and regretted. Most air fryers use a fan to push the heat around, which can potentially blow your marshmallows off your graham crackers.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

Once the marshmallows are secured, the grahams go into the air fryer for 5 to 7 minutes. As they fry, the marshmallows toast to perfection from every angle and becomes tender-crisp on the outside and ooey gooey inside.

You’ll then lay your chocolate pieces on top of the marshmallows, close the air fryer up, and use residual heat to melt the chocolate. The chocolate will only need about 30 seconds to melt perfectly. Top with graham crackers and your s’mores are ready to go.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

What I love about air fryer s’mores is not having to heat up the broiler, dirty a pan, or dig around for skewers to make s’mores. Plus, the marshmallows that come out of the air fryer are more toasty, more gooey, and more consistent than anything a campfire could produce. I highly recommend you give this recipe a try.

Get the recipe: Air Fryer S’mores

What’s the best thing you’ve made in your air fryer this summer? Tell us in the comments below!