Air France’s New Low-Cost Carrier Is Made for Millennials

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: AirFrance)

Have you ever considered booking a flight but then stopped, your cursor hovering over the “Confirm Reservation” button, as you realized that the airline probably caters to, like, people who are older than 24? Maybe you’ve thought, “I’d love to go to one of four European destinations, but I’m terrified that I won’t be able to buy organic food mid-flight!” Well, start piecing together an elaborate playlist, order a unicorn frosé, or do whatever millennials do before they leave town, because your airline is finally here.

In a move that three people, tops, were asking for, Air France has launched Joon, a lower-cost airline that has been designed to target millennials (or at least what middle-aged airline execs think millennials like) with organic snacks, virtual reality headsets, and even a name that sounds like jeune, the French word for “youth.”

“To create Joon, we worked together to define a new offer in the air transport industry, in a spirit of creativity, innovation and agility,” Joon’s CEO, Jean-Michel Mathieu, says in a statement. “Joon is Air France’s little sister, who breaks with tradition and takes inspiration from the new expectations of travelers to offer an experience that goes beyond the aircraft doors.”

That experience will reportedly include a menu of 60-ish snacks that are for sale on board and — hold on to your ironic fanny packs — a full 20 percent of them will be organic! Joon also plans to issue AlloSky Virtual Reality headsets to its business class passengers (because there’s nothing like being disoriented at 38,000 feet) and it puts a disproportionate emphasis on its crew members’ wardrobe.

(Image credit: AirFrance)

“The uniform is made up of classic and modern garments, with slimline trousers, sneakers, redesigned sailor stripes, and a sleeveless quilted jacket,” Joon brags. Sneakers, you guys!

Finally, Joon is touting its partnerships with Airbnb Experiences and Waynabox, a Spanish startup that offers discounted weekend getaways with the added bonus-slash-anxiety that comes from being unable to pick your destination.

Joon officially launches on December 1 and it will initially only fly from Paris to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto. By next spring, it hopes to expand to Fortaleza and the Seychelles islands. Get your quilted jacket ready.