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After the Dip is Gone: 5 Ways to Use Up Leftover Sour Cream

updated May 2, 2019
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I inevitably end up with sad half-containers of sour cream whenever I make dip for a party. One might think that I would eventually learn to just make more dip, but sadly, the half-containers persist. If you are like me, or if you just love sour cream and want more ways to use it, here are some of my favorite ways to use up a container of sour cream.

  • Add to Salads and Dressings: A dab of sour cream whisked into a homemade vinaigrette adds a cool touch of cream to a big leafy lunch salad. I’ll also use it in place of buttermilk when making a quick vegetable slaw, like this Cucumber Salad.
  • Use in Baked Goods: This may sound strange, I’ll grant you that. But once you try this Chocolate Cake or these Strawberry Scones, you’ll change your tune. Sour cream makes these baked goods moist and tender, and the sour flavor actually complements many sweets quite well. 
  • Toss with Pasta: You know how good a bowl of Beef Stroganoff is? Now just apply that same logic to your other favorite pasta dishes. Cream ain’t the only dairy on the block!
  • Spread On Sandwiches: Try sour cream instead of mayo on sandwiches. I like its fresh milky flavor, particularly with rich meats like roast beef or pulled pork.
  • Whisked into Scrambled Eggs: I love the rich creaminess that a spoonful of sour cream gives my scrambled eggs. I often have eggs for dinner, and sour cream makes the meal just a little more luxurious.
How do you use up a carton of sour cream?