Afraid of the Mandoline? Glove Up!

If you’d like to take a deep-dive into kitchen horror, just read the comments on our brief guide to the mandoline this week. (Or, if you’re squeamish about danger to fingertips, just skip it.) If you are drawn to the speed and advantages of a mandoline — it makes it so easy to eat more vegetables, for one! — but are, ahem, attached to your fingers, then here’s a tool to try: cut-resistant gloves.

(Image credit: Amazon)

You may have seen gloves like these on Food Network or other cooking shows; Alton Brown has a similar pair of Kevlar gloves he uses when demonstrating with a mandoline. The gloves aren’t foolproof; they can be cut, but they give one additional layer between you and your wicked-sharp tool. They’re no substitute for using the actual guard on a mandoline, too, but they are an extra safety precaution, and many cooks feel much more at ease when wearing them.

The gloves are available in small, medium, and large sizes.