A Dating Dilemma! He Doesn’t Care About Food at All

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CHOW’s resident etiquette expert, Helena Echlin, addresses perplexing food etiquette dilemmas in her column Table Manners. We’ve helped her out with questions in the past, like this one about kicking guests out of the kitchen.

Now she has another question for you. It’s from a reader (and food-lover) who has a dating dilemma: Should she continue on with an otherwise Mr. Perfect who doesn’t care at all about food?

Here’s the question. How would you answer it?

I am dating a guy who is borderline Mr. Perfect but has absolutely no appreciation for food. He’d be happy to have a peanut butter sandwich for dinner every night. He eats my cooking but I can tell he doesn’t really “get” why I bother and he is averse to Chowhound-y expeditions to find, say, the best pho in town.

Now our relationship is about to get serious, so my question is this: Can you really trust someone who doesn’t care about food? Is it just one of those flaws I should strive to accept, or is it a sign of something deeper wrong with him? Would it be rude for me to try to change him—and if so, how do I do it?

Hmm — that’s a tough one. Readers, what are your thoughts? Any relevant experiences to share? Helena would love to know your answers! You can see all of Helen’s Table Manners columns here:

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