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I Tried Adele’s Favorite Salad and It’s My New Go-To Summer Salad

published May 4, 2022
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I Tried Adele's Favorite Salad
Credit: Cheryl Fenton

If you’re like me and love a good salad, you’ve probably felt as if you’ve tried them all. From Sweet Potato Salad to Mango Salad, there aren’t too many salads out there that have escaped my grasp. While I still have Jennifer Aniston’s favorite salad to try out, when @Themodernnonna (Bulgaria-born Toronto resident and food blogger Snejana) posted one of Adele‘s favorite go-to lunch salads, I knew it was going to be on repeat for my summer meal plan. 

The tangy-meets-tart chopped salad was originally posted on Eat This, Not That! as one of  Adele’s healthy meals. There’s speculation that it’s part of the Sirtfood Diet (for those not in the know, these special foods are said to activate specific proteins in the body called sirtuins that regulate inflammation, metabolism, and the aging process). While Adele herself has never attributed her recent weight loss to Sirtfood, you can’t go wrong with a delicious and filling salad. And since salads are my thing, I was ready to slice and dice my way into a tasty lunch. 

Get the recipe: Adele’s Favorite Salad

How to Make Adele’s Salad

This is a toss-and-go type of meal. Chopping up the ingredients is quick and easy, and requires zero skill (okay, some skill — knives are sharp). You’ll need kale, celery, walnuts, and an apple to start. For the apple, I used honeycrisp as I find it has the strongest flavor to play well with the others without being overpowered. To toast the walnuts, I tossed a handful in a dry frying pan over medium heat and stirred constantly for about two minutes before they became golden and released their oils.

Credit: Cheryl Fenton

The dressing is an easy three-ingredient mixture of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon (around two tablespoons), and honey or agave. The original salad recipe didn’t have any sweetness in the dressing, but themodernnonna felt this was an oversight, so she added the optional tablespoon of honey or agave to offset the lemon’s acidity. 

Once I had the original recipe mixed, it was time to play. This is a great simple salad that could be considered a base for any add-ins. In my case, I mixed in pomegranate seeds and chopped dates, and topped with two sunny-side-up eggs. You could swap apples for pears, add in goat cheese, top with grilled salmon … whatever your pleasure, it’s possible.

Get the recipe: Adele’s Favorite Salad

My Honest Review of Adele’s Salad

I would absolutely make this salad again. It has literally everything — sweetness from the apple, tart from the lemon, meatiness from the walnuts, crunch from the celery, texture from the kale … the list goes on. It was ridiculously easy to put together, and the simple flavors meant it was versatile for add-ins. The leftovers found their way into my fridge, and the flavors blended even better for the following day’s lunch. I plan on having a huge meal-prep moment and making a ton of Adele’s salad to eat throughout the week in various iterations. 

Credit: Cheryl Fenton

4 Tips for Making Adele’s Salad

  1. Take your time making the dressing. Drizzle the olive oil into the lemon juice slowly while whisking. This will cause it to emulsify for a creamier concoction.
  2. Increase your ingredient measurements for your dressing. I found the dressing amounts didn’t really impart as much flavor as I wanted, so I doubled the measurements. 
  3. While toasting the walnuts, keep an eye on them. They can go from zero to burnt in under a minute.
  4. Strip your kale like a pro. A hack that will change your life: Use the loop on the back of your tongs to strip the kale leaves. You’re welcome.

Get the recipe: Adele’s Favorite Salad