A Celebrity Chef Came Up with a Brilliant School Snack in Response to a Hilarious Tweet from The Onion

published Mar 22, 2019
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From basic needs like meals and clothing to keeping another tiny human or two entertained 24 hours a day, kids are a full-time job, no matter which way you look at it. That’s why when The Onion posted a story this week poking fun at the “last-minute” requests that get tacked onto a parent’s day, people felt it on a deep level.

One parent, celebrity chef Adam Liaw, host of Australian cooking show Destination Flavour and winner of Masterchef Australia season two, saw this tweet and instead of taking it as the joke it is (and isn’t), decided to help out with the problem.

“No kidding, but my son has been at school for exactly ONE TERM and this has already happened about nine times,” Liaw begins in a Twitter thread.

“I am going to write a recipe for something that you can make 25 portions of in five minutes that can keep unrefrigerated for eight hours and contains no dairy, nuts or eggs, he continued, “I don’t know what it is yet but I will make it work for the good of us all.”

So what did he come up with?

Something he calls “Fat Pocky.” Named after Pocky, the Japanese biscuit treat, Fat Pocky takes it to a new level, increasing the proportions from cookies that are a pencil thickness to breadsticks, dipped in an easy-to-melt-and-dip chocolate.

The instructions are actually easy. Just buy enough breadsticks for the amount of students in your class — he used 25 for his recipe. Buy a 12-ounce package of semi-sweet chocolate chunks or other meltable chocolate and “microwave the chocolate for one minute, then blasts of 30 seconds until it’s melted. Probably 3-4 minutes all up,” Liaw states.

Next? “Put the chocolate into a glass and then just dunk the bloody things in there,” Liaw says like a parent who has had to do this many, many times before. Once you shake off the excess chocolate and add the sprinkles or finishing sugar of your choice, you’re done.

Liaw even suggests you can spice it up a little by what you choose to finish it with, like dried mango or specialty sprinkles (here he uses some really cute ones that look like people).

To see the full thread with more exact instructions on how to make these Fat Pocky treats, check out Adam Liaw’s thread on Twitter.