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I’ve Been Using This “Secret Sauce” on Repeat for Veggies, Eggs, Salads, and More — and It’s Finally on Sale

updated Nov 29, 2022
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halloumi salad in a bowl next to grains
Credit: Shelly Westerhausen

It happens every single winter — I fall into a seasonal cooking rut as I waited for fresh spring produce and dreamt of easy summer meals. So, when I heard former senior commerce editor Danielle St. Pierre raving about Acid League — a small and funky living vinegar brand with an array of complex pantry staples, I had to buy some myself. Fun, tasty, exciting … their selection of bottles seemed like just the thing to re-inspire my inner chef! And, almost a full year later, I’m still reaching for these condiments to spice up my dinner routine.

It’s impossible to choose a few bottles when scrolling through Acid League‘s vast selection of fermented goods. With flavors including Liquid Kimchi, Passion Fruit Oolong, or Garden Heat (Danielle’s favorite), my cart was full of fun and delicious-sounding sauces, vinegars, and tonics in no time. While I ultimately ordered a ton, Saffron Gold in particular has become my “secret sauce” for any meal. In fact, when I moved a couple months ago, the first pantry ingredient I bought was this trusty liquid gold — it’s that good.

And, I’ve got even more good news: This, along with everything else on Acid League’s site, is available for 25 percent off right now. Just add to cart, pop in the code CYBER25, and save. A word to the wise: This sale is ends tomorrow, Nov. 30, so find your way over to the site pronto, people!

We are big hot sauce fans in my household. Since our first bottle of Saffron Gold arrived last February, however, our go-to Truff hot sauce has remained untouched. But let me be clear: This saffron-tinted delight is not just a hot sauce. It has definitely become my new favorite condiment because it’s delicious by itself, but the complex and layered flavors have also replaced the need for apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar in many dishes. Once you get past the kick from the habanero and escabeche peppers, the saffron comes through as a silky, subtle touch amid the funky fermentation and a bright citrus base while roasted garlic and a touch of honey balance it all out.

Acid League’s Saffron Gold has carried me through multiple summers’ worth of fresh produce whether it was grilled, raw, or simply sautéed. I’ve tossed roasted veggies in this sauce, used it on eggs on top of avocado toast, added it into a dip for chicken wings, and incorporated it into salad vinaigrettes. Most recently, I used it in a buttery emulsion to make Fish en Papillote. Seriously, this stuff has endless uses as a vinegar, hot sauce, and flavor booster, and I can’t wait to use it on a slew of fall dishes like kabocha soup or on top of roasted Brussels sprouts.

As the number of empty bottles would suggest, Saffron Gold has enlivened my go-to recipes and made my meals more colorful. Luckily, if I ever run out of ideas, I can turn to Acid League’s recipe library for even more ways to use the sauce. While I really can’t say enough about this versatile staple, I encourage you to try it out for yourself. While you’re at it, you might just find another one of Acid League’s special creations to fall in love with. Might as well get every last bottle that catches your eye right now — and with the sitewide sale running, you’re bound to get a whole lotta bang for your buck!