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The “Secret Sauce” I Use on Everything Is Finally Back in Stock — but Probably Not for Long

published Mar 30, 2022
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Credit: Acid League

When I worked in restaurant kitchens, the walk-in and dry storage were always stocked with a plethora of sauces, spice rubs, and marinades made in house. Having those delicious and complex condiments prepared and at the ready every day was amazing, but it also made it easy to forget just how many steps it takes to create an epic sauce. Because of my culinary background, I often strive to cook up complex and creative dishes at home, but I never seem to have much time (or patience) for sauces — and that’s where Acid League comes in. 

Time and time again I have fallen in love with the fun, innovative condiment brand that ferments and concocts goodies ranging from alcohol-less wines to hot sauces to fish sauce. And while I do truly recommend trying anything they make, the bottle of fermented goodness that I keep reaching for time and time again is Saffron Gold. (If you’re a regular Kitchn reader, you may remember me raving about it in the past.) It’s golden, tangy, slightly spicy, and a little earthy thanks to the saffron, with a silky base. Bottom line: It’s my go-to sauce for… everything. 

As it turns out, shortly after I professed my love to said deliciousness, Saffron Gold sold out (just as a I was getting ready to replenish my own supply, too!). Honestly, I was beginning to wonder how my morning eggs, springtime vegetables, roasted potatoes, or crispy fish tacos would taste without it. This product has become such a staple flavor base in my kitchen, I’ve realized there’s no substitute for a sauce that does the job of hot sauce, vinegar, and spice mix all in one! So, you can imagine my sigh of relief when I received Acid League’s email telling me (and the world) that Saffron Gold is back in stock.

Now’s the time to score your own bottle, especially considering that it’s bound to sell out again and it took several weeks to restock this time. If this particular strain of funky, sharp, bright, and scrumptious flavor booster isn’t your cup of tea (I can’t imagine), or if you want to try out another variety (or five… or 10… ) of these irresistible living ferments, check out what else Acid League has to offer. I bet you cart will be brimming with mouthwatering treats, just like mine.

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