The Super-Popular Freeze Pops That Sold Out in 72 Hours Are Back in Stock — But Not for Long

published Jul 20, 2022
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Acid League Freeze Pops
Credit: Acid League

I’ll admit, when it comes to stocking up my pantry (or gifting kitchen essentials) I have a serious bias. l head over to Acid League every. single. time. I know there are loads of awesome brands out there, but no one can get between my favorite flavor masters and me. I first fell in love with the funky retailer when I discovered Saffron Gold, a dynamic and unique sauce that pleasantly complexified any anything I dumped it onto. I had never tasted anything like it. The sauce reminded me of working in restaurants, carefully curating all the elements of a dish to harmonize perfectly in one bite. How did they do that in a bottle?

From that versatile golden sauce I slowly began a collection. From their Vermouth Rosso (your new non-negotiable substitute for red wine vinegar, trust me) to the ever sippable and unbelievably innovative Wine Proxies, if you take a peek in my kitchen cabinets you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of Acid League I’ve got in there. When I find a good thing, I stick with it!

And just last week, these experts broke out into a totally new category: frozen ice pops. Well, much like the rest of their carefully curated flavor combinations, these pops are a totally new twist on a well-known and loved product. The catch? They sold out less than 72 hours after launching. But don’t worry — we chatted with Acid League and found out that you can pre-order the next batch of these summery treats using this link right here. You’re welcome.

Luckily, I got a chance to try them, so I can cue you in on what to expect. The kit includes 15 pops, five of each flavor — Peach Pit, Bumbleberry Pie, and Calamansi. They have all the great qualities of those childhood squeeze-ables (easy to freeze, transport, eat, and uber refreshing on a hot summer day) and none of the bad ones (no crazy dyes or synthetic flavors involved).

The flavors are each unique and hands-down delicious. Peach Pit is sweet but balanced, with a signature Acid League sprinkle of, well, acidity. A combination of peach and lychee blend together to make a fruity base that, when paired with the unexpected notes from cherry pit extract and white silver needle jasmine tea, make a totally natural adult sour punch slushie that you’ll squeeze out in no time. Bumbleberry is made from all the best berries (blue-, straw-, boysen-, and black-), Darjeeling black tea, and a dash of balsamic. The result? A frozen iteration of the inside of a summer berry pie. As for Calamansi, it’s a Tom Collins-inspired pop made with calamansi (a kumquat hybrid), cucumber, lime, tonic, and gin botanicals. It’s exceptionally complex and tropical, like a smack of mango and chamomile against my taste buds. I actually think I’m going to squeeze one of these into a glass and add a shot of tequila this evening to make what I expect will be the very best (and easiest) cocktail of my life. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Credit: Stella Totino

IMO, these pops are the best Acid League drop so far. They’re a blast from the past and a peek into the future all at once, demonstrating how sweet memories can be transformed into innovative creations that tantalize adult tastebuds. Trust me, judging by how quickly they sold out over the weekend, you’ll want to place your order right this minute. If you order now, you’ll get your shipment in the beginning of August (that’s less than two weeks!). You can thank me later.