Aaron’s Astor Tower Vintage Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Using an original kitchen can be somewhat challenging, we all know that. Restoring a kitchen to its original potential can be even more challenging. Aaron seemed to get lucky with his Astor Tower kitchen, it just needed a new coat of paint and an appreciative tenant.

Many of the kitchens in the Astor Tower have been replaced with new and modern ones. Aaron appreciated the uniqueness of his kitchen and color matched the new paint to match the original appliances. Once he repainted, everything was looking and working great.

His time machine of a kitchen is certainly unique. If you’re wondering where the refrigerator is, you’ll need to look in an unlikely place — the kitchen cabinets. To the right of the stove is where the refrigerator is located, open it the same as a cabinet door but instead of reaching in for rice — you’ll find milk and juice!

We can’t not mention the incredible window wall in the kitchen as well. We only have a tiny window above our kitchen sink — we wish it took up the whole wall!

Images: Jason Loper