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I Splurged on This Fancy, Top-of-the-Line Seltzer Maker and Have Zero Regrets

published Sep 8, 2021
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When my now-husband and I first started dating, he didn’t like seltzer. This was one of my favorite things about him (I kid … sort of) because, when he’d come over, my cans of seltzer would remain untouched and all for me.

But then he started drinking it. And, man, did he consume an excessive amount of seltzer — as in, a 12-pack every three days. I guess he was making up for lost, seltzer-less time? But that meant there was very little left for me … and a whole lot of recycling.

So I decided it was time to get a seltzer maker. A machine that could fizz up regular tap water, cut down on our can consumption, and, ideally, would look pretty while sitting out on our countertop. Which is how I ended up investing in the Aarke Premium Carbonator. And I’m so happy I did.


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For starters, the Aarke looks incredibly nice in my kitchen. I choose the matte black machine (to match with my darker countertops!), but it’s available in silver, copper, white, brass, and black chrome, too. It’s not just pretty; it also makes great seltzer. To use it, you twist a CO2 cartridge into the base of the machine (I use the SodaStream ones and get them at Target!). Then, you add the Aarke bottle filled with water, twisting it to secure it onto the carbonator. After it’s on, you simply press down the lever and hold for a couple of seconds to add all those bubbles. Just a few seconds yields the perfect amount of carbonation.

I love that, unlike some other seltzer makers, it doesn’t require any electricity to operate. And in my unscientific comparison between the Aarke and other seltzer makers I’ve used, I find myself replacing the Aarke’s CO2 canister much less frequently. In fact, I’ve only swapped the cartridge once in the months and months I’ve used it — and that’s after almost daily use! I’m not sure what kind of seltzer sorcery is going on there, but I’m not complaining.

The one thing I do suggest? Buying an extra carbonator bottle, so, ahem, you and your significant other can each have their own (just me?).

Do you have a seltzer maker you love? Tell us about it in the comments!