A Work Week Menu Plan That You Can Do

A Work Week Menu Plan That You Can Do

Chris Perez
May 21, 2013

Planning meals for an entire week is a tedious task. It's difficult to plan one that gives you variety yet simplicity in your weekly labors of love. Cooking for a week is even harder — it's tough to stay motivated and energetic through all the outside stresses we encounter in the work week. On that note, I present a full menu for a household of two that gets you through the week. This is a work week menu plan you can do!

Cooking is fun but, like most things, there's only so much you can do before it loses its appeal. My wife and I try to find balance by aiming to have only three to four cooking days during the week. This also gives us flexibility when the unexpected event or request presents itself.

Here's a full work week menu for two that you can try for yourself next week:


Start the week by cooking while your energy is up. For lunch, make sure you have ingredients in your fridge for easy meals all week long — like this Mozzacado sandwich. Just buy a loaf of fresh bread, some tomatoes, and avocados. You'll then be able to whip this up easily for a few weekday lunches.

• Mozzacado Sandwich - The Kitchn

For dinner, always prepare enough to last for a few meals. This no-bake veggie enchilada recipe is delicious, a good option for Meatless Monday, and — with a serving of 15 enchiladas — is something you can enjoy throughout the week.

• No-Bake Veggie Enchiladas - Food & Wine


You cooked all day Monday, take a break for lunch on Tuesday. Simply reheat some of those delicious veggie enchiladas from the day before.

For dinner, prepare another substantial recipe that'll reheat well and last for days. A one-pot recipe usually fits the bill, and this chicken and bean medley packs enough protein to supercharge you through the week ahead.

• Lemon Braised Chicken and Beans with Mint Pesto - The Kitchn


Take the whole day off in what is usually the time of the week when we are struck with the unexpected. Enjoy more of the veggie enchiladas or perhaps another serving of the mozzacado sandwich for lunch. Savor that delicious one-pot recipe from the night before for dinner again.


Make lunch easy again and finish off either the one-pot chicken recipe or the veggie enchiladas. For dinner cook something simple and delicious like this cauliflower and pasta recipe. Add italian sausage or ground beef if you want to add some extra protein.

• Pan-Roasted Cauliflower & Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce - The Kitchn


It's Friday, you need another day off to get ready for the weekend. Eat the pasta from the day before for lunch, and treat yourself to a night out as a couple or family.


In between weekend events or activities, it's helpful to have a fresh and easy to prepare recipe on hand. This kale salad is just the type of thing you'll be looking for.

 Kale Salad with Pecorino and Lemon - The Kitchn

Finish off the rest of your leftovers for lunch or dinner, and then get ready to start the cycle all over again, come Monday.

(Images: 1. Faith Durand 2. Emma Christensen 3. Faith Durand )

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