A Word to Fear: Hangry!

published Sep 11, 2012
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Emma used the word hangry in her recipe for granola bars earlier today, and it made me think about this very helpful word, a word to signal impending storm clouds and danger, a word to fear. Do you get hangry?! What happens when you do? Oh — not familiar with the term? Let me bring you up to speed. This is a word you should know.

Hangry is a word to describe the glowering state of hunger that has passed the pleasant edge of anticipation. The food has not arrived, you’re stuck in your car, dinner is late. The minutes tick on, and you descend into grumpiness, even snappishness. Companions begin to take note and edge away, carefully. An explosion seems imminent. Your head aches, the world looks sour.

This unpleasant state (for you and everyone around you!) can be instantly abated by the arrival of a pre-dinner nibble. Those nachos? The bread basket? Hangry’s silver bullet.

Do you do hangry? Do you know the warning signs of plummeting blood sugar and growling mood swings? What’s the worst case of hangry you ever had, and what do you do to overcome it? Me, I try not to carry on significant conversations until I’ve sat down and had a nibble. You never know what you might have to take back afterwards, once out of the hangry grip.

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(Image: My Bearded Pigeon)