A Word to the Vegetarians

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Vegetarian Friends,

Pardon all the talk about turkey. We honor you for your food choices. We, too, are concerned about the health of the planet and the health of our bodies, and so we make choices about what we cook and what we eat that reflects those concerns.

Honestly, turkey, for all the preparation that goes into the turkey, it’s usually not what everyone remembers about the meal. I remember the flavor of the cranberry sauce, the creaminess of the potatoes, the way the stuffing is both crunchy and doughy. And of course, the pie, the pie, and the pie. It’s the side dishes and the sweets that make the meal. We hope that, in addition to the recipes we’ve provided this year, that by next year our archive will be full to the brim with interesting vegetarian options for the holiday.

And we need your input! In the coming months, as we develop the site, we want to include you. Feel free to send in questions, tips, and recipes. Because you care deeply about your food, you are an essential ingredient to our work.

Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with wonderful flavors, and much gratitude.

Sara Kate