A Wish for You on Thanksgiving

(Image credit: Sara Kate Gillingham)

We make such a fuss over Thanksgiving, especially us food people. We talk for weeks about dry versus wet brines. We debate about whether to serve a traditional or more edgy menu. We plan out the table settings and the playlist.

But today, I am showing up under the assumption that all your pie questions are answered and your bird is already in the oven. I am showing up to ask you about gratefulness and thankfulness.

What a bounty so many of us enjoy, often without even noticing. This meal, the only one in our culture that is really about sitting together, lingering, sharing food, and exchanging gratitude, should trickle into every meal, on every day.

Imagine a way of cooking and serving where breaking bread, cutting meat, and slicing pie would always be an act of gratitude, always an opportunity to say thanks. It is the truth: we are lucky each day to eat. Not just this Thursday in November.

This is the wishbone from last year’s Thanksgiving turkey. I keep it in a bowl in my living room with many other wishbones — from chickens, mostly — as a reminder of how strength can come from something delicate, how two paths can converge into one, and how simple things can sometimes point the way forward. These are things I’m thankful for and that have gotten me through the last bumpy year.

So today, I wish you crispy skin, lump-free gravy, flaky crust, well-paired wines, and behaving relatives. And I ask that you put everything down for just a moment and ask yourself what you’re thankful for today, and how that can feed you for the other 364 days the coming year.