A Whisk That's Also an Egg Separator!

A Whisk That's Also an Egg Separator!

Faith Durand
May 7, 2013

I am so obsessed with whisks. I have, at last count, seven whisks — including one spiral sauce whisk that is still buried in our moving boxes and I miss rather desperately. I use my whisks of varied sizes and shapes all the time for dressings, sauces, and yes, puddings, so this plethora of wire is not just for show. I'm always looking for an excuse to buy a new whisk, and so this incredibly clever design caught my eye — do you see what it does? 

This whisk was designed by Chinese designer Ivan Zhang and posted at designboom (thank you David Lebovitz for the tip!). This whisk functions perfectly as a normal whisk, but it has a funky indentation in the wires that serves a couple purposes. It lets you prop the whisk on the side of a bowl without it rolling away, and it acts as an egg separator! 

I do confess I am a little confused about how you'd use this without the ability to crack an egg one-handed (see our video tip: How To Crack an Egg With One Hand), although it does show the whisk propped in a bowl so perhaps that lets you do a two-handed egg crack. 

But I think it's really quite brilliant — I hope it comes to market soon! I think there's room in my whisk drawer for it. 

→ Read  'Whisk' egg yolk separator by Ivan Zhang at designboom

(Images: Ivan Zhang)

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