A Walk on the Savory Side: 10 Pie and Cobbler Recipes

published Apr 26, 2012

This time of year, I have pie on my mind. Spring fruits are starting to grace the farmers market and I love turning my weekly purchases into crisps or crumbles. But let us not forget about savory pies and cobblers.

Savory pies are wonderful because they’re generally a one pot (or pan, as the case may be) meal, can be made with all different seasonal produce or meats, and are hearty and satisfying. When folks hear savory pie, I think they automatically think of quiche when, really, there is a whole world out there of recipes folding tomatoes and corn and collard greens into flaky pie crust. A world where Gouda biscuits are baked onto lightly spiced mushrooms and lentils. This is a world I’d like to bask in for awhile.

Try a Recipe:
Tomato Cobber – Honey and Jam
Savory Corn Cobbler – Real Simple
Savory Chicken Cobbler – The Loveless Cafe
Collard Cobbler with Cornmeal Biscuits – The Yellow House
Savory Onion and Leek Tart – CHOW
Chili Corn Chip Pie – Cooking Light
Savory Farro Tart- Epicurious
Mushroom and Lentil Pot Pies with Gouda Biscuits – Bon Appetit
Tortilla and Black Bean Pie – Martha Stewart
Veggie Tofu Pot Pie – Healthy, Happy Life