A Visual Guide to Pasta (With Sauce Pairing Suggestions)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did you know that there are more than 350 shapes of Italian pasta? We kid you not. You’re likely to only find only a fraction of that number at your supermarket or specialty grocery store, but even that can be overwhelming. How does cavatelli differ from cappellini? Which sauce goes best with which pasta? Thankfully, CHOW has a visual guide to pasta to help you sort it all out.

CHOW’s Guide to Pasta covers 50 different pasta shapes, and offers recommendations for the best sauce pairing. The general rule of thumb is that “delicate noodles are for delicate sauces while heartier noodles are for heartier sauces,” but when you have such a variety of noodles to begin with, it still gets complicated. So this quick guide aims to offer a little bit of perspective: for example, the guide notes that Pastina is best used in soup, Trofie is meant to be accompanied by a pesto sauce, but Farfalle goes with pretty much anything.

→ Download the guide: Know Your Pasta at CHOW [PDF]

(Image: CHOW)