Making Hard-Cooked Eggs? Don’t Boil Them. Bake Them!

published Mar 29, 2012
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With Easter around the corner and spring just arrived, there’s probably a plethora of eggs in your near future. Maybe you’re dyeing them or just making a batch of deviled eggs for a potluck. But one thing is for sure — boiling them in water, that’s so last year.

If you have a ton of eggs to cook at the same time, forget boiling multiple pots of water. Instead, try baking them! Alton Brown first suggested it and it’s making its way around the internet with the season of the egg upon us.

The idea is simple: Place eggs directly on your oven rack at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove and plunge into an ice water bath the same way you would for hard boiled eggs. Peel and serve.

It gives you the ability to cook several dozen eggs at the same time without worrying about catching your pot just as it boils so you can cover and set the timer. It’s just a little bit easier than dealing with all that hot water.

The eggs themselves have a creamier texture than boiled eggs and will have small brown spots on the outside of the white (where they touched the oven rack).

This method is perfect for parties, large gatherings or just for your need to have a dozen eggs cooked up and ready to go for the week while you’re busy doing other things. It sounds like a great solution for spending less time in the kitchen and more time with your family or out having fun.

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