A Trader Joe-Bot Costume for Halloween

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

Are you a Trader Joe’s fan? Here’s a costume you can knock out really easily. Just save up some packaging and build your own Trader Joe-Bot, a humanoid protocol droid that offers everything from quick meals to flowers to free samples hidden in his chest panel.

This is the last in our series this week of fun and goofy Halloween costumes for food-lovers. We hope that you liked them all!

All of these costumes are designed to be relatively easy (and not too expensive) to make. None require more than a quick trip to the fabric or hardware store, and some super basic equipment.

How To Make a Trader Joe-Bot Halloween Costume

What You Need


A range of empty Trader Joe’s boxes and packaging Fake flowers

Chalkboard paper Velcro 1/2 yard elastic

Small paper or plastic cups


Duct tape
Chalk marker


  1. Lay out the boxes and duct tape them together into a sandwich board shape: Lay out the boxes on your workspace to get an idea of where you want everything to go. Begin duct taping them all together. Be sure to add a piece of tape to cover exposed sticky areas between the boxes. Use a large box for the front chest piece.
  2. Cut open the front box to create the sample station: Cut out 3 sides of the chest piece so that it opens up like seen here. Add velcro tabs so that it can open and close.
  3. Create a sign for the sample station: Tape or glue a sheet of chalkboard paper in the back of the box so you can make your own Trader Joe’s-style sign. Velcro a chalk marker to the inside of the box and velcro the small cups to the bottom inside of the box.
  4. Make the hat: For the hat, cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and run elastic through the bottom of the sides. Insert fake flowers inside and tape them securely to the inside of the bottle.

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