Prepping for the Big Game: A Super Bowl Spread Inspired By Each Team’s City

updated May 2, 2019
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This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, a time for gathering and celebrating with friends to watch the biggest game from America’s most popular sport. Even if you don’t care too much about sports or football, there’s still plenty to get excited about.The Super Bowl is a good reason to do something special, like firing up that grill or cooking a steaming pot of stew. This year, the game involves teams reigning from Baltimore and San Francisco, so in a nod to those great cities here are some recipes that’ll have people paying attention to more than just the game.

The Super Bowl often involves a super spread, a veritable smorgasbord of food and drink. Here are a few recipes to make sure your event properly represents the culinary tastes of each contenders’ city.

San Francisco
Sourdough bread & Cheeses, via The Kitchn: A San Francisco staple, sourdough bread goes great with a spread of cheeses and wines from the neighboring Napa Valley region. Use the fresh flaky-crusted sourdough as a plate for cheeses and to mop up the bottom of the bowl of savory Cioppino.
Cioppino, via Martha Stewart: The bay area is known for its fresh seafood. This savory stew featuring fish, clams, and shrimp will have you dreaming you’re by the bay.
Lemon Cream Tart, via Blogging Over Thyme: When San Franciscans want a treat, they often nom on lemon cream tarts from the famous Tartine Bakery. Make a version yourself because a party isn’t a party without dessert.
Gentlemen’s Mai Tai, via MetropoChris: Did you know that the Mai Tai was first mixed up near San Francisco? Prepare a proper one, just like the original. No froofy umbrella, no pineapple juice and none of the syrupy cherries that somehow got associated with the drink as it spread in popularity.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pit Beef Sandwich:, via Grilling 24×7: For me football is synonymous with grilling. Hook up some pit beef sandwiches — Baltimore’s take on barbecue — over charcoal for that unmistakable chargrilled taste.
Crab Cakes, via The Kitchn: Take a tasting tour of Chesapeake Bay with some delicious crab cakes. Serve ’em up on a bun, just like they do in Maryland.
Berger Cookies, via Blue Eyed Bakers: Any city famous for a cookie is alright in my book. Whip up a batch or two of these wafer cookies topped with rich chocolate fudge and you’ll know why they are the pride of Baltimore.
Bohemia Beer. Before being sold and distributed to Miller Brew Company, National Bohemian and the iconic Mr. Boh were born in the heart of Baltimore. Make a nod to the famous beer with some bottles of the more easy to find Bohemia Beer. It’ll go great with that pit beef.

What will you be serving this weekend for your Super Bowl party?

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