What I’m Getting Instead of Those Ugly-as-Sin Kitchen Mats

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Cherish Bryck/Stocksy)

Some of you may remember this post I wrote, asking you if I should break down and get one of those ugly-as-sin kitchen mats, even though they offend my eyes. (If you haven’t read it, I’ll wait while you do!)

Despite the popular advice to just break down and do it, I’ve been hemming and hawing over the decision for months. And I’m glad, actually. Because I’ve just come across some options that are a million times more attractive than the typical kitchen mat.

(Image credit: Little Nomad)

Just look at these Roam Free Play Mats from Little Nomad! Technically meant for kids’ playrooms, they’re prettier versions of those oversized foam puzzle pieces that usually come in primary colors. These mats are offered in beautiful colors and designs that look more like expensive rugs than water-resistant mats.

Although they also fit together like puzzle pieces, they come in three different sizes. The smallest size — the four-by-six — features six, two-foot-by-two-foot tiles and 12 edging bonders, which gives me more than enough tiles to line my little galley kitchen and some extras in case any of them should get ruined (although they shouldn’t because you can clean them with soap, water, and a scrubby sponge!).

Buy: Roam Free Play Mats, from $119 at Little Nomad

I’m partial to this pink (called Ruby Slipper) because I keep seeing other kitchens (like this one! And this one!) with pink rugs and now I’m sold. And I don’t even really like pink! Not as sold as me? Starry Night or Dusk would look great, too.

(Image credit: Amazon)

In addition to those Little Nomad mats, I recently saw these Yay! Mats on my friend’s Instagram stories. I was supposed to be looking at her adorable little baby, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the mat he was literally drooling over. It’s okay, Charlie, I was drooling over it, too! I’ll buy basically anything with a Swiss cross-style pattern on it and these mats are no exception. Sold as a set of six 24-by-24-inch tiles, this would also leave me with extras to swap out, should any get damaged or stained beyond repair.

Buy: Yay! Mats, $73

I know these things aren’t specifically designed to help alleviate back pain while I stand at the sink — like actual kitchen fatigue mats — but I’ve got to think my off-label use for the cushy mats will still be better than nothing or even a thin rug.

What do you think? Would you put these tiles in your kitchen?