The 10 Most Covetable Things from Target’s New Fall Collection

updated Jul 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Target/Design: Susanna Hopler)

It may be in the high 70s throughout most of the country today, but fall is coming. We know because the calendar says so, because the

pumpkin spice stuff

Target just leaked its fall 2017 collection featuring all sorts of goodies from Threshold and the store’s newest brand,

The new seasonal stuff starts hitting stores on Sunday (September 17) and will continue rolling out through October — and we got a sneak peek.

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  1. Threshold Zodiac Mugs, $6 each: Forget monograms! Wouldn’t you rather have a mug with your astrological sign on it?
  2. Project 62 Table Runners, $18 each: Available in an assortment of colors and styles, we love that these runners are feel like fall without being too dark.
  3. Threshold Ceramic Baking Dishes, from $10 each: Make all your comforting casseroles, gratins, and baked pastas in these charming pastel dishes. They’re also available in white!
  4. Project 62 Colored Drinkware, from $3 each: We’re not sure what we like most about these glasses — the geometric shapes or the classic colors.
  5. Threshold Marble Cake Stand, $35: You’re going to be making all sorts of naked cakes and pies in the coming months. This marble cake stand will put them on the pedestal they deserve.
  6. Threshold “Thankful” Platter and Gravy Boat, $25 and $8: We don’t usually like to recommend holiday-specific serving pieces (who has room to store that stuff?), but we had to make an exception for this platter and gravy boat. At the very least, consider the gravy boat. It’s small — and cute!
  7. Project 62 Chrome and Wood Bar Cart, $120: Still haven’t found the perfect bar cart? Perhaps you’ll like this chrome-and-wood option that’s not too manly and not too feminine.
  8. Threshold Oxidized Cast Metal Antler Candelabra, $30: Even if you don’t have a glam, rustic cabin in the woods, you can pretend like you do by putting this candelabra on your kitchen table.
  9. Project 62 Marble and Wood Cheese Boards, $17 each: A hostess can never have too many cheese boards — especially ones as pretty as these. They double as cutting boards, serving platters, and even centerpiece components.
  10. Threshold Gold Servers and Measuring Cups and Spoons, from $6 each: Here’s hoping your fall is golden and that it measures up to last year. Okay, that was a little cheesy, but we were blinded by these oh-so-cute servers and measurers.