A Smoke Alarm That Talks To You? That’s the Latest Design from Nest

updated May 2, 2019
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Emily’s post yesterday about fire extinguishers reminded me that you can never be too careful in the kitchen. I would say the same goes for smoke alarms. I (guiltily) admit to sometimes disabling my smoke alarm when I cook just to avoid setting it off and having to deal with the annoying, unstoppable beeping. But this new smoke and carbon monoxide detector from Nest is pretty great. For one, it talks to you before it starts beeping!

Nest’s tagline for their new smoke alarm is “Safety shouldn’t be annoying. So we made a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that isn’t.” Definitely watch the video for all the features, but a few standouts to me:

  • Before turning on the alarm, Nest Protect talks to you first to alert you.
  • You wave at it to shut off the beeping. (No more climbing on precarious ladders!)
  • Nest sends a message to your phone if the alarm goes off or the batteries need to be replaced.

You can pre-order Nest Protect now! It’s available in black and white, and sells for $129.

Also, there’s free shipping for a limited time.

So great! Will you be buying one?

(Video: Nest)