These 2 Acronyms Will Keep Your Kitchen Clean

updated Jun 7, 2019
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If you have good organizing systems and maintain them regularly, clutter is less likely to build up. Or so I’m told, by organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet.

“What if you decided not to brush your teeth all month, and on the last day of the month brushed them 30 times? That clearly would not work — some things need to be done regularly to be effective,” says Marrero. Like, for example, your kitchen.

Marrero is a strong believer in morning and evening routines to keep things running smoothly — and, to make them easy to remember, she has two acronyms.

In the Morning: The to D.E.W. List

  • Dishes: Put them away from the night before.
  • Eating: Decide what’s for lunch or dinner — even if you’re not doing any prep now.
  • Wash: Move the laundry to the next stage (dirty items into the washer, dry items folded, and so on).

At Night: The Triple S

  • Start the dishwasher: And clean the day’s dishes, too.
  • Set yourself up for tomorrow: Pack your lunch or your work bag and get your keys ready by the door.
  • Straighten up: Do a quick patrol of your surfaces so you can start clean in the morning.

“The morning routine supports you in the evening, and the evening routine supports you in the morning. It’s a beautiful cycle!” says Marrero.

I totally agree — and I will start! Because I don’t want to end up like one of her clients, who stashed unpacked suitcases from trips in black plastic garbage bags in one room of her house until she needed professional help. At the very least because there are no extra rooms in my apartment!

Do you have a morning and evening cleaning routine? Share with us in the comments.