A Smart and Simple Trick for Keeping Food Cool at the Beach

(Image credit: Dmitry Burlakov)shutterstock

Enjoying warm weather with a trip to the beach means lugging towels, toys, maybe a beach chair or two, and of course, a cooler full of drinks and food.

You want to keep the contents of your cooler as cold as possible for both food safety and so drinks stay icy-cold and refreshing, so here’s a tip on how to give your cooler a little extra insulation at the beach!

Dig, Dig, Dig

This little trick is so simple and smart — you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it!

Once you’ve loaded up your cooler and put in plenty of ice (remember that a full cooler stays colder than a partially filled one), this is the first thing you should do when you get to the beach: partially bury the cooler in sand.

Break out those shovels, get the kids involved, and dig away!

Why Bury Your Cooler in the Sand?

Burying the cooler in sand helps provide additional insulation to help the cooler do its job more efficiently. If you can, find a shady spot or use an umbrella over the cooler, or throw any blankets or towels you’re not using over the cooler too. All of these things will help keep the cooler colder than if you just left it sitting on top of the sand in the hot sun.