A Simple Upgrade for Your Summer Lobster Roll

(Image credit: Cooking for Keeps)

My husband’s family has a little house on Southport Island, Maine. Every summer we trek to this beautiful, quiet oasis to unplug and relax — and eat lobster, of course. The classic lobster roll, however, leaves much to be desired; the sad, lifeless hotdog bun really ruins it for me every time.

Enter: the garlic bread hoagie. While lobster roll purists may scoff at this idea, I think it’s rather ingenious.

Think about it — some people like their lobster rolls hot with butter, while others prefer the cold, mayo-laden version. Why not combine the two to get the best of both worlds?

In this recipe, you brush fresh hoagie rolls — on the inside and outside! — with garlic, butter, and dried parsley before toasting them in the oven. While the rolls are getting warm and golden-brown, you toss cooked lobster meat with a touch of mayo, some lemon juice, and fresh tarragon.

Then all you have to do is fill the garlic bread hoagies with the lobster salad, and voila! Perfect lobster rolls.

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