A Versatile Vessel from IKEA’s New SINNERLIG Line

I’m always in need of more jars in the kitchen. And while Mason and Weck jars are my go-tos, I’ve fallen for the jars in the new SINNERLIG line from IKEA.

The combination of hand-blown glass with the cork lid makes for a stylish vessel that you wouldn’t immediately peg as an IKEA product. Of course, the giveaway is the affordable IKEA price point.

(Image credit: IKEA)

The canister-style jar comes in two sizes: small ($15) and large ($30). While the larger size would definitely fit pantry staples, like flour or sugar, it doesn’t have a plastic gasket to keep pests completely out.

Instead, use the jars as an oversized vase for branches, as a terrarium, or even as a cookie jar. The smaller size is perfect for storing heartier pantry items, like dried beans or grains.

It also makes a stylish yet budget-friendly gift for wedding showers. We’ll be picking up a set on our next trip to IKEA.