A Simple Peach Pie with a Little Pizzazz

(Image credit: Emma Chapman)

I’m a sucker for fancy infusions and unique flavor pairings, but sometimes simple truly is best. When you’re craving a straightforward, no-frills peach pie — one that lets summer’s juicy peaches speak for themselves — this is the recipe to make.

This peach pie is made with a standard crust — flour, sugar, butter, ice water — and an equally simple filling. The recipe calls for frozen peaches, which will serve you well come winter, but right now is the time to use fresh, beautiful peaches.

The dough recipe makes a little more than you need, so you can use the excess to decorate the top of your pie. (I love the “PIE” spelled out all over the top of this one!) This is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your creation without messing with the integrity of the basic ingredients.

Get the Recipe: My Favorite Peach Pie from A Beautiful Mess