A Roundup Of Avocados

updated May 12, 2022
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It is avocado season, and we’ve been doing a lot of things with this buttery, delicious fruit. While the Hass avocado is the most widely known variety, there are many varieties of avocados, some you’ve probably never heard of!

Bacon avocados are medium-sized oval avocados with green skin that is easy to peel. They have a light taste and are available from late fall to early spring.

Fuerte avocados were the original California avocado. They have a strong flavor, thin green skin that is smooth, and are medium-sized. Pear-shaped. Available fall to spring.

Gwen avocados are similar to Hass avocados in that they have the same pebbly skin, but they are bigger and greener, and have a stronger flavor. Their skin is thicker than other varieties. Available mid-September through mid-January.

Hass avocados are the most widely sold variety of avocado and are available year-round. They are smallish in size, oval-shaped, with dark purple, pebbly skin that peels off easily.

Pinkerton avocados are pear-shaped, tall, and have a dark green skin with slight pebbling and thick texture. Available in winter, this variety has a small seed for its size.

Reed avocados are available from summer to fall. These avocados are round-shaped and medium-sized, with thick green pebbly skin. The flesh is very creamy, with a milder taste.

Zutano avocados ripen earlier in the season and are usually the first avocados to market. Available from September through early spring, they have a yellowish-green skin that is thin and shiny. They are medium-sized and pear-shaped. They are a little harder to peel than other varieties and have a light taste.

Mexicola avocados are small and have thin black skins that are edible. Smaller than most other avocado varieties, Mexicolas are oval in shape, frost-resistant and have a lot of flavor. Available from Sept-Oct.

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