A Rosemary Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad to Help with Your Salad Fatigue

(Image credit: How Sweet It Is)

Summertime is salad time. With so much beautiful produce in abundance, it would be a shame not to have a salad on your table every day for dinner or lunch — or both. But your enthusiasm for this no-cook meal can wane if you keep making the same ol’ salad over and over again. What you need is something exciting and flavorful; something like this salad, with rosemary chicken, bacon, and avocado.

If you’re not a fan of bacon, you should probably stop reading. Not only is there crispy bacon in this salad, but the chicken breasts are also cooked in the residual bacon fat. Oh, yes — double bacon goodness.

The base of this salad consists of two greens: soft butter lettuce and peppery watercress. Some sliced cherry tomatoes and avocado add some extra flavor and texture, while the dijon-rosemary dressing ties everything together.

Get the Recipe: Rosemary Bacon, Chicken, and Avocado Salad from How Sweet Eats

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