A Review of the Demy Digital Recipe Reader

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Each week we bring you our favorite recipes and posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week, something different: a review of the Demy Digital Recipe Reader. How does it stack up in the kitchen? Plus, Japanese curry rice from scratch, how to roast a pig on a spit, and a gluten-free, one-bowl chocolate cake.

Using the Demy Digital Recipe Reader – While the convenience of a dedicated recipe reader is attractive, there are some drawbacks to this particular gadget.

How to Make Japanese Curry Rice From Scratch – A complete guide to making curry and rice, Japanese-style, from scratch.

Cook the Book: Classic Wedge Salad – Sometimes a big hunk of iceberg lettuce is just so refreshing!

How to Roast a Pig on a Spit – Serious pig action!

Gluten-Free Tuesday: One Bowl Chocolate Cake – An easy recipe, based on our favorite chocolate cake from Hershey’s.

(Image: Hilfy/Serious Eats)