A Restaurant Table Base in the Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cool as this Scandinavian beach house may be, what really caught our eye was the kitchen table pictured above.

The base is simply beautiful with its slight botanic shape and dark patina-ed finish. We had to know more. So we turned to the House Beautiful article featuring the home:

The sculptural aluminum dining table base was given to Macdonald by a London friend who made them for restaurants: “He painted them, but I asked for mine unfinished. Then I had an English ash top made, and it bleached over time.”

It’s encouraging that such a beautiful base is 1) made for restaurants and 2) contemporary, not vintage. Gives hope that it just might be possible to scavenge something similar for your own home if you’re so inclined!

See more of this home, including a closer look at that yummy spread of food on the table (part of which is served on a cutting board) at House Beautiful.

(Image: Ditte Isager/House Beautiful)