Reality Check-In: Reevaluating Your Food Resolutions for 2012

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s been two weeks since we collectively rang in the New Year. Some of us rang it in big. Others stayed home and ordered pizza. Maybe you made resolutions to learn something new in the kitchen. Maybe you made resolutions to eat more simply. How’s it going so far?

I resolved not to buy packaged food for the month of January and, so far so good (besides a chocolate bar at the airport!). My resolution wasn’t something as sweeping as become a vegetarian or juice each and every morning, but it was something manageable that I thought would make a small difference in my day to day life and bring about a little awareness in regards to my shopping habits.

I think the key to a good, solid resolution is your ability to stick with it in a very non-intrusive way. Small is key. So for my own goal this year, I have found it a challenge but a very do-able challenge. It’s not something I’m thinking about every meal of the day … or even every day. Period.

How are your resolutions coming along so far? We wanted to take a moment to check in and reflect. With just a few brief weeks behind you, do you think you set realistic, manageable resolutions?

(Image: Kasey of Turntable Kitchen)