A Ranking of Godiva’s New Single-Origin Chocolates, According to My Nephew

(Image credit: Joseph Campbell)

My 8-year-old nephew is all knees and elbows and protruding ribs. This is partly due to the fact that he’s 8 and growing an inch every day, it seems, but also because he’s a finicky eater. This is not to say he doesn’t like to eat, but rather that he’s extremely picky.

He gives nuts of any kind a hard pass and he prefers his burger to be cheese-free, but loves fried calamari and pickled onions. Go figure. He also tries to sneak sips of my sister’s morning coffee and brother-in-law’s beer whenever he can.

His repertoire is constantly expanding — shrimp and clams fra diavolo is a current favorite and he’s recently discovered cappuccino ice cream — but there’s one food that will always be number one. And that is chocolate.

That’s why I recruited him to try out Godiva’s new line of single-origin chocolate bars, G by Godiva.

(Image credit: Geraldine Campbell)

There are six bars in the new line of single-origin chocolates: three dark, two milk, and one white. My nephew tried them all (with some help from my niece and the rest of the Campbell clan) and there were strong opinions all around. Here’s how the chocolates ranked, from low to high.

The only person who really liked this bar was my dad. For the rest, it was a bit too bitter — although it did pique my nephew’s interest.

Matty says: “I’m really excited to try this one.”

The adults loved this bar; the kids … not so much.

The field was very split on this chocolate bar, which has bits of coconut in dark chocolate — and it was all about the texture.

(Image credit: Geraldine Campbell)

Overall, this sweet-and-crunchy bar got fairly good reviews from the women — my mom, my sister, and my niece — but my nephew and my dad gave it a thumbs down.

Matty says: “I just don’t really like white chocolate.”

A universal winner with a high chocolate content (46%) and great mouthfeel.

Matty says: “It’s even better than Kinder chocolate.”

This was my nephew’s number-one pick — and also a crowd favorite, although my dad thought it was too sweet.

Matty says: “I’ll eat pretty much anything with milk chocolate and hazelnuts.”

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