A Rainbow of Ice Cubes

published Aug 16, 2016
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We’re smack-dab in the dog days of summer, where keeping drinks cool with plenty of extra ice cubes becomes mandatory. Use this as your opportunity to give your drink — be it a simple glass of seltzer or a fancy cocktail — an easy upgrade with bold and brightly colored ice cubes.

A Rainbow of Ice Cubes

There’s truly no set formula for preparing these cubes. It’s totally dependent on your preference, and how you intend to use the ice.

The ice gets its color from a variety of diced and sliced fresh fruits and vegetables, and chopped fresh herbs. Add pieces of colorful produce to the wells of the ice cube tray before topping each off with water to create these cubes. Want more color? Purée a small amount of fruits, like berries, stone fruit, and pineapple, to blend with water before freezing. As they defrost, these colorful cubes will add some very subtle flavor to your drink, but really, they’re all about the look!


Filled with fresh strawberries and raspberries or tiny pomegranate arils, these are the colorful cubes that really know how to make a drink pop. Use red ice cubes to brighten up seltzer and as a bold contrast in lemonade.


Summer stone fruit, like peaches, nectarines, and apricots, really shine when they’re chopped and added to ice cubes. Add these sweet and mellow cubes to a refreshing pitcher of sangria or iced tea.


From bright sliced lemons to yellow plums to chunks of pineapple, yellow ice cubes give water and seltzer a simple upgrade and add a little something extra to homemade wine coolers and rosé lemonade.


Filled with cool cucumber slices, chopped fresh basil, green grapes, or chunks of kiwi, these green ice cubes are the cool treatment your gin and tonic deserves.


From currants to sliced black plums to purple grapes, these jewel-colored cubes bring deep color and flavor to tangy cocktails like mojitos and margaritas.