A Quick Trip Around Europe: Classic Recipes From 24 Different Countries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Summer is the time for traveling, but if you can’t physically hop around the globe, make believe you did by cooking a classic recipe from your country of choice. I’d love to Eurail around Europe, but that’s not happening anytime soon. So instead, I took a culinary trip through The Kitchn’s archives and pulled out 24 European recipes. How about Austrian spaetzle? Or Norwegian potato lefsa? Maybe you’re in the mood for Serbia’s smoky, garlicky roasted red pepper spread, or a chickpea and chorizo soup from Spain. Take a scroll through the list, pick your favorite, and enjoy!

Obviously, we couldn’t hit every country, so if you have favorite recipes from countries not on this list, please share in the comments!

Ricotta Spaetzle

(Images, clockwise from top left: 1. Sara Kate GIllingham-Ryan – Guiness Bread/Ireland; 2. Laure Joliet – Root Vegetable Dumplings/Hungary; 3. The Novice Housewife – Dutch Crunch Bread/The Netherlands; 4. Emma Christensen – Easy French Ratatouille/France)